Ultra-precision opticsAdvanced Technologies for Individual Solutions

Highest flexibility through UP technology

High quantities are not always relevant. Precision is often in the focus.
Whether prototypes for validation of initial development results or small quantities for highly individual special applications - to achieve the best results, high-tech and experience are required.

Our Competence Center Ultra Precision manufactures UP optics of the highest quality from various metals and plastics, even with the most complicated free-form geometries.

State-of-the-art diamond turning technology is available for the production of individual lenses and mirrors.
Thus, we achieve accuracies in the submicrometer range and a surface quality with roughnesses below 10 nm.

Ultra precision lenses from VIAOPTIC

  • Lenses
  • Mirrors
  • reflectors
  • Prisms
  • Spherical and aspherical surfaces
  • Freeform surfaces
  • Microstructures
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