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Plastic optics with a spirit of innovation.

Founded in 2003 in its current form, we produce customized and future-oriented plastic optical components and systems, technical injection molded parts and injection molds.
We cover the entire product development process from optical development to design, prototype production, toolmaking, precision injection molding, optics coating and assembly under one roof. With our approximately 150 employees, we manufacture high-precision quality products for well-known customers in the automotive, medical and sensor technology sectors.
The company's headquarters and production site are located in the optical city of Wetzlar.

Enablers and forward thinkers

Achieving more with focus

We believe in the extraordinary possibilities offered by polymer optics - both technically and economically. With our plastic components, we can make our customers' products even better.

And our customers are changing the world with their products: brightening it up and putting the focus on what really matters, making it healthier and smarter, making people more mobile and their world more comfortable.

We have a share in all of this.

Enablers and forward thinkers

We take our customers' ideas further and use them to manufacture polymer optics for all areas of application. To do this, we are constantly pushing the limits of what is feasible in plastics technology. But limits are relative for us and we push them every day. The success of our customers is our top priority and our daily motivation.

From the first draft to series production, we solve technically complex challenges that no one else dares to tackle with the latest and most innovative technology, with passion, creativity and the highest precision.

We are the leading experts in polymer optics.

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Our History

  • 2023
    We celebrate 20 Years VIAOPTIC and more than 50 years of experience in the field of polymer optics.
  • 2020
    Strategic development of the Competence Centers Optics, Plastics and Ultraprecision
  • 2018
    Transition to the new automotive standard IATF 16949
  • 2017
    Installation of the first modular automation at VIAOPTIC
  • 2016
    Acquisition of the laser collimation lens business of Helvoet/Philips
  • 2015
    Launch of extensive activities on LEAN management, Industry 4.0 and environmental management
  • 2014
    New construction of the warehouse and logistics hall with 900 pallet spaces
  • 2012
    Certification according to the automotive standard ISO/TS 16949
  • 2011
    Introduction of PVD-coating
  • 2009
    Relocation of VIAOPTIC to the Leitz-Park Wetzlar
  • 2003
    Takeover of VIAOPTIC by ACM Projektentwicklung GmbH and relocation to Ludwig-Erk-Straße Wetzlar
  • 1965
    First plastic optical components for the best Viewfinder in a SLR Camera
  • 1922
    Foundation of the Taubenstein plant as the forerunner of today's VIAOPTIC GmbH

    Reliable partner for precision optical products.

    Our history in the field of precision optics, highest quality demands on ourselves, curiosity and innovative spirit drive us and let us constantly improve.

    Grown know-how in plastic optics for over 50 years

    Established development and production partner of leading OEM and Tier 1

    Customized and individual solutions tailored to every need

    Entire product development process under one roof

    State-of-the-art technology, innovative spirit and highest precision

    Our principles: efficiency, reliability, trust and flexibility

    quality assurance
    Certificates: IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

    Where to find us

    The Leitz-Park is more than just a business park: created in 2009, it brings together specialists in the field of optics and is also a place of experience and inspiration for Leica enthusiasts, photography and architecture fans, and guests from all over the world.
    The centerpiece is the architecturally outstanding headquarters of Leica Camera AG. The spacious square in front of it creates a connection between the companies located here, and is a campus and meeting place for their employees and the numerous visitors.

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    Leica Camera AG Wetzlar Leica Camera AG Wetzlar

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