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Highest precision Plastic optics in series production

Injection molding is an art in itself, because many factors influence the quality of the molded part. In optical injection molding, the transparency of the materials poses an additional challenge. Only perfectly pure material guarantees the flawless optical function of the components. In addition, the part geometry plays a key role: compliance with the tightest tolerances is indispensable. The use of production-accompanying measuring systems is therefore elementary. Modern machinery, high-precision measurement technology and, last but not least, our employees' understanding of plastics and optics guarantee the exact reproduction of all relevant parameters, process-reliable series production and thus results at the highest level.

Injection Molding
viaoptic - optical injection molded parts

Injection molding of high-precision polymer optics

The production of polymer optics by injection molding is based on a complex interaction between man, machine, material and mold. Technology and experience are essential for a stable injection molding process. This already starts with the granulate. High-grade raw materials of optical quality, dehumidification, dust removal, a particle-free environment and the right temperature during the melting process are of particular importance. In combination with this, the perfect control of all machine and process parameters, the use of modern injection molding machines that are pure in terms of type, and our high-precision injection molds lead to results with the highest homogeneity and clarity. In this way, we are also able to meet particularly high cleanliness requirements. In addition, our self-developed and continuously optimized processes for cleaning the injection units, 3D handling and robot systems, and modular automation solutions guarantee maximum manufacturing flexibility.

Optical injection molding at VIAOPTIC

Efficient injection molding production of quality optics with complex geometries and high quality requirements

Use of the highest quality materials and modern peripheral technology

Constant, clean environment due to air-conditioned and filtered fresh air supply

The possibility of manufacturing under clean room conditions

Agile optimization process with in-house toolmaking and measuring technology

Experienced team and continuous optimization of all processes and manufacturing parameters

Optical metrology close to production

In the injection molding of polymer optical components, the molding process also has a significant influence on the part geometry, which in turn is decisive for the correct optical function of the component. Accordingly, uncompromising adherence to the tightest tolerances is essential. During the entire production process, our experienced setters and process mechanics monitor all relevant parameters in addition to our test engineers in order to be able to react to deviations as quickly as possible - depending on the requirements, this is done within the scope of 100% tests, by means of statistical process control (SPC) and not infrequently by means of functional testing on customer-specific test benches. In projects with very high quantities, solutions for 100% inspection by automated test systems are also available in addition to inspections by our highly qualified team. In this way, components are produced shot for shot with the highest precision.

viaoptic - Plastic optics

Measurement technology at VIAOPTIC

Parameter monitoring with high-precision measurement technology along the manufacturing process

100-%-function test

100-%-visual-inspection for aesthetic defects according to ISO 10110

Series-accompanying random measurement of SPC dimensions

Product and component-specific test fixtures and devices

Use of automated test systems in projects with very high volumes
Mit dem Interferometersystem findet die Qualitätskontrolle statt und sichert bei Viaoptic hochpräzise Ergebnisse.

Measurement equipment

  • interferometer
  • 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • contour measuring machine
  • Luminance Camera
  • spectrometer
  • Integrating sphere
  • MTF tester
  • Focal length tester
  • Center impact tester
  • Series-accompanying, customer-specific function and camera test benches

Equipment injection molding production

  • Modern injection molding machines from leading manufacturers
  • Clamping forces from 150 to 2200 kN
  • Two-component injection molding (2K injection molding)
  • Variothermal temperature control
  • High-precision drive and metering technologies
  • 3D handling systems/robot systems
  • Modular automation solutions
  • Laminar flow box systems
Optical injection molding with highest precision.
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