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The basis of every injection-molded precision optic is the right mold concept and high-precision mold construction. This is because the mold directly determines the product quality. In order to achieve reliable repeatability, tolerances in the micrometer range and optimum component performance during injection molding, molds designed for plastics and optics are required.

With our experience in article and tool design, coupled with craftsmanship and high-tech, we create customised solutions with added value. As a partner to the automotive industry, medical technology and sensor technology, we know the material and mould requirements of complex optical applications inside out.

Solutions with added value
Mold Design for Precision Injection Molding

Mold Design for Precision Injection Molding

The design of high-precision injection molded parts and the associated molds is complex. If the component is also to fulfill optical functions, special know-how is required. Only if the design rules are adhered to and at the same time all specifications for achieving optical quality are taken into account, will functioning mold concepts be created.
With us, part and mold design are in the hands of one team. This ensures the transfer of all relevant information and knowledge. Modern design and simulation software supports fundamental decisions, for example on the choice of gating system, mold temperature control, molded part output and molded part separation. We use filling simulations to analyze critical issues, optimize processes and make our customers' projects even more cost-effective.

tool design our services

Article adaptation to suit plastics, taking into account the specific characteristics of transparent materials

Carrying out filling simulation analyses

Knowledge-based tool design

Determination of the ideal manufacturing technology for the optical inserts

Cross-divisional teamwork to achieve optimal results

Component and function optimization in intensive cooperation with the customer

Mold making for optical applications

To ensure that injection molds can withstand maximum mechanical stresses, the choice of the right materials, modern machining methods and, above all, the experience of highly qualified mold mechanics are essential. And in the field of plastic optics, additional skills are required: To produce the optically effective surfaces, the high-precision mold inserts must meet the highest requirements for dimensional accuracy and surface quality. Manufacturing them is one of VIAOPTIC's core competencies. By means of submerged-arc machining such as turning, milling, flycutting and planing in up to four machining axes, free-form surfaces, finest linear and microstructures are introduced into the optical inserts.
From prototype tools to 2K series tools, we offer a wide range of tool options. Professional storage, maintenance and servicing guarantee a long service life and maximum performance.

Mold making for optical applications

toolmaking our services

Production of high-performance injection molds for optical applications

Own, fully equipped tool shop

Production of a wide variety of tool options, e.g. prototype, master, family, two-component tools

UP-production of optical tool inserts with accuracies in the nanometer range

Steel processing with innovative ultrasonic technology

Proper storage, maintenance and servicing of injection molds
A precise mould is the prerequisite for high-quality plastic optics.

Equipment and machinery

  • CNC-controlled turning, milling and drilling
  • State-of-the-art HSC technologies
  • Die sinking and wire eroding machines
  • Ultra-precision machines for workpieces up to 650 mm in diameter
  • Modern ultrasonic technology for machining of certain steels

Tools and Software

  • NanoCAM and SolidCAM
Viaoptic tool design.
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