Optical ApplicationShaping the Future with Optical Technologies

Technical progress through optical components

Optical technologies are one of the most important future industries of our time. They are the basis of spectacular innovations. Simple light switches became intelligent systems, smartphones displaced traditional cameras with their miniaturized high-performance lenses, the lighting market was revolutionized by LEDs and their head lenses. Gaming consoles today immerse us in virtual realities with components such as VR glasses, stereo camera systems and via gesture control. Polymer-based optics make all of this possible.

Our many years of collaboration with a wide range of industries, our expertise in the technical use of light and our interdisciplinary approach give us a unique knowledge edge. We are open to new challenges and solve complex tasks. In doing so, we push the limits of what is feasible in plastics technology. The success of our customers is our focus and our motivation. In this way, we contribute to technical progress together with you.

As a reliable partner, we accompany our customers from the idea to the finished product. Our high-precision components can be found in countless applications in the fields of lighting, consumer electronics, measurement and house automation, sports optics, aerospace and semiconductor technology.

Plastic optics

VIAOPTIC solutions for optical applications

LED lighting
Indoor and outdoor lighting for industry, Street lighting, Store and office lighting

Home automation
Proximity sensors, motion detectors, IR lighting and camera lenses for building surveillance

Consumer electronics
IR lighting and IR cameras for gesture control (TV, gaming), Backlights and covers for displays (TV, tablet, laptop, smartphone), Optics for VR glasses, Camera lenses for telecommunication and photography (TV, tablet, laptop, smartphone)

Sports optics
Protective and sports glasses, Night vision devices, lasers, aiming point projectors

Measurement technology
USB cameras, Microscope illumination

Aeronautics and astronautics
LED lighting, Illumination modules, light guides for interiors, Reflectors for space telescopes
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