LASER collimating lensesEfficient Beam Shaping of Laser Diodes

Plastic collimators

Contrary to popular belief, laser diodes emit divergently and their light diverges in different directions. But in most cases it is necessary to bundle the emitted radiation into one beam. Collimating lenses are used for this purpose. These focus the light from the laser diode into a parallel, collimated beam. VIAOPTIC offers a range of standard lenses for integration in various applications.


Aspherical plastic lenses

Laser collimation lenses from VIAOPTIC

Aspherical plastic lenses
High-precision aspherical plastic lenses in proven VIAOPTIC quality.

Immediate availability
Our lenses from the VIALENS standard program are available from stock (except lenses CAY033 and CAS183, which are only available on request).

Efficient beam shaping due to high transmission and precise collimation
Microoptics enable lighting systems for modern high-performance LEDs.

Price attractiveness, as no investment in product-specific tools
The standard program allows a price advantage for the customers which results from the distribution of the development costs.

Short delivery time
As most products are instock, we can guarantee short delivery times (except for CAY033 and CAS183).

VIALENS-Lenses are listet in the Zemax Standard-Lens-Catalogue
If customised optics are not an option due to budget or time restrictions, pre-configured optics from the catalog are recommended.

Aspherical plastic lenses VIALENS by VIAOPTIC

In our standard program you will find optics made of different materials like PMMA, PC, COP and SAN with different diameters as well as focal lengths. High transmission and best collimation properties guarantee maximum efficiency. Since there is no need for an upfront investment in product-specific injection molding tools or manufacturing equipment, this is also available at an extremely attractive price.

Our standard range of aspherical plastic lenses is available at short notice. At the moment VIALENS lenses CAY033 and CAS183 are only available upon request and require a minimum order quantity.

VIALENS by Viaoptic

Laser collimators from VIAOPTIC in use

Optical distance sensors
Optical distance measurement using a receiver optics and receiver chip for distance, displacement, and position.

Light barriers
Optosensors, also known as photoelectric optical sensors, are used as switching sensors to detect objects without contact, measure geometric sizes and positions with low requirements, and perform color controls.

Laser pointers
By emitting bundled visible radiation, laser pointers enable the laser beam to remain intact over long distances and experience minimal scattering.

Laser spirit levels
In addition to the bubble level, a laser spirit level contains a laser module, which consists of a laser diode, control display and a lens to focus the beam.

alignment systems
Laser-optical alignment systems makes it easy to check flatness, offset and parallelism.
Lens Material Outer Diameter D (mm) Clear Aperture CA (mm) Wavelength (nm) Focal Length (mm) Availability Downloads
CAY033/40 PMMA Ø 4,00 Ø 2,5 670 3,35 Available at short notice. Datasheet | Drawing
CAY046 PMMA Ø 7,40 Ø 3,7 670 | 785 4,60 | 4,64 Available at short notice. Datasheet | Drawing
CAY046/55 PMMA Ø 5,50 Ø 3,4 670 | 785 4,60 | 4,64 Available at short notice. Datasheet | Drawing
CAX183 PC Ø 6,28 Ø 4,3 670 | 785 18,15 | 18,33 Available at short notice. Datasheet | Drawing
CAX100 PC Ø 6,28 Ø 4,1 670 10,00 Available at short notice. Datasheet | Drawing
CAW110 COP Ø 6,28 Ø 4,1 670 10,92 Available at short notice. Datasheet | Drawing
CDW042/52 COP Ø 5,20 Ø 2,1 670 4,24 Available at short notice. Datasheet | Drawing
CAW100 COP Ø 5,20 Ø 3,4 785 9,85 Available at short notice. Datasheet | Drawing
CAS183 SAN Ø 6,28 Ø 4,3 670 I 785 18,70 I 18,86 On request (MOQ) Datasheet | Drawing
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