High precision Components and SystemsCombining polymer optics and mechanics

Optics assemblies for highest performance

Usually polymer lenses do not stand alone. Only in combination with mechanical or electronic components it ist possible to create systems that fulfill the desired functions.

We support our customers from the application-oriented design to the production and sourcing of high-quality components to assembly and functional testing of complex assemblies and highly sensitive precision systems. These meet the highest requirements: ESD protection during the assembly process, joining of components under clean room conditions, functional testing and traceability are a matter of course for us.

We offer competitive and efficient complete solutions. Our optical assemblies flow into diverse products from a wide range of industries.

Optical systems and assemblies from prototype to large-scale production

Objective Lenses
An essential component for microscopes and projectors made of plastic. VIAOPTIC is your partner for development, production and testing of customized optical components.

Optical Sensors / LiDAR (Light detection and ranging)
LiDAR is a technology that targets an object with a laser and measures the time that passes until the reflected light returns to the receiver.

LED modules
Rod lens, lens holder, plastic lenses and reflectors. Application example: operating theatre lights and examination lights.

Optoelectronic Systems
Synergy of optics and semiconductor electronics. High quality standards and certifications, production with clean room conditions.

Electronic viewfinders
A camera viewfinder that displays the captured image on a small screen. Application example: digital cameras, video cameras.

Optic coating
AR-Coating, Mirrors (Gold and Aluminium), Mirror layers
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