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Lenses and sensors for medical technology

The social and economic importance of health has never been as high as it is today. Healthcare and healthness are trends in the medical industry as well as drivers of medical technology. But the rules of the medtech industry are strict: High normative and regulatory criteria must be met to ensure patient safety. Therefore, care and reliability are particularly important in the development and production of lenses, sensors and components for medical, analytical and laboratory technology. 

Our knowledge of the specific requirements with regard to process and quality standards makes us a reliable partner for renowned companies in the healthcare industry. We know and meet the standards with regard to product cleanliness, complete traceability and documentation, equipment qualification and process validation.
With our precision components, we contribute to progress in prevention, analytics, diagnostics and therapy, making the world a little healthier together with our customers.

Among other things, we develop and produce components for surgical and examination lights as well as optical assemblies for a wide variety of analytical devices, modules for point-of-care applications and medical disposables.

Medical Lights

Optics for health technology made with polymer

Surgical lights
Optical development of complex lighting solutions, LED modules, TIR lenses, Reflectors

Medical Sensors
Assembly of optical sensors, Diffractive lenses, Hybrid lenses

Other components
Covers with optical functions, Optics for microdispensing units, Fiber optic integration, Illumination units, Disposable optics for ophthalmic surgery
Medical Lights made with polymer optics.

VIAOPTIC Solutions to surgery rooms

We support our customers from the application-oriented design to the production and sourcing of high-quality components to assembly and functional testing of complex assemblies and highly sensitive precision systems. These meet the highest requirements: ESD protection during the assembly process, joining of components under clean room conditions, functional testing and traceability are a matter of course for us.

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