Optic DesignFrom the first optical design to series production.

Unimagined freedom diverse design possibilities

Polymer-optics offer our optical developers undreamt-of freedom.
With the latest technology, creativity, many years of experience and interdisciplinary exchange among our experts, we turn ideas into practical solutions for process-reliable series production. Our Competence Center Optics accompanies the entire product life cycle. We support our customers in the development of imaging and non-imaging optics and optical systems as well as in the optimization of existing concepts. In addition, we are strong in the development and construction of customer-specific test and functional test systems for testing during series production.

Turning ideas into innovations
Optics design and system development

Optical design and system development

Understanding complex customer requirements and translating them into precision plastic optics is our passion. At the beginning of every quality optic is a well thought-out design. In addition, the properties of the materials must be taken into account from the earliest stages of the project.
From new developments to evaluation and adaptation of existing optical systems to conceptual design of the optical coating, our development team works out coordinated solutions. Due to the specific requirements of precision injection molding, we place the highest value on the testing of every concept: factors such as manufacturability and matching to production conditions must be met.

Optic design at VIAOPTIC

Feasibility studies with regard to the feasibility of optical concepts

Conversion of product-specific requirements into specifications for optics

Development of imaging and non-imaging optics and optical systems in line with manufacturing requirements

Analysis, evaluation and optimization of existing concepts

Tolerance analysis

Series support in failure analysis

Test and functional test facilities

Our precision optical components are often main components of complex or sensitive systems and must meet special requirements in terms of quality, surface finish and dimensional accuracy. In these cases, 100% inspection during series production is essential. However, due to the individuality of customer-specific solutions, inspection with standard measuring instruments is usually not possible. That is why we think along with customized and precisely fitting test setups for defect detection and functional testing right from the start.
With state-of-the-art camera and image processing technology, comprehensive programming knowledge and an understanding of our customers' quality requirements, we thus create seamless monitoring.

Test and functional test stands

test system development at VIAOPTIC

Creating test specifications

Feasibility analyses for functional or camera tests

Concept creation for functional tests

Setup and programming of functional or camera test systems for testing during series production

Maintenance and servicing of functional or camera test systems

Measuring system analyses to determine the measuring equipment capability

Our fields of work

  • Customized freeform optics
  • Imaging optics
  • Illumination optics
  • Industrial Sensor Technology
  • Laser Technology
  • Optical metrology

Tools and Software

  • Zemax OpticStudio
  • Matlab Mathworks
  • Keyence Camera Systems
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