PrototypingVisualization in Metal and Plastic

Validate design Optimize results

Prototypes are indispensable for validating preceding development results. They help to make the right decisions and to eliminate possible sources of error in time.
Depending on the desired quantity and the component design, there is the possibility of machining or injection molding in the prototype mold. We produce prototypes with optical quality from various metals, polymers and with the most complicated free-form geometries to enable our customers to experience the function and design of their products. State-of-the-art machines, the most reliable control and air conditioning technology and the skills of our employees are the basis for the best results.

Making design experienceable
viaoptic - prototype production

Prototype production using ultra-precision machining

Prototype production using ultra-precision machining is an ideal way of quickly evaluating the product design and identifying optimization potential without having to invest in a prototype tool. State-of-the-art HSC technology, diamond milling machines and diamond lathes are available for this purpose in our Ultra Precision Competence Center. The diamond tools deliver sub-micron accuracy and surface finishes with roughnesses below 10 nm. With a state-of-the-art spindle, using fly-cutting, planing machining and with up to four-axis ultra-precision movement, the introduction of the finest linear and microstructures is possible, as is the machining of large workpieces up to 650 mm in diameter.

  • Rapid verification of product design
  • Cost advantage over injection-molded prototypes for low volumes
  • Prototypes with optical quality and complex free-form geometries possible

Prototyping with VIAOPTIC

Manufacturing of prototypes by means of submerged-arc machining or in the prototype mold

Prototypes directly from plastic or metal (steel, aluminum, copper, etc.)

Steel processing using modern ultrasonic technology

Prototype inserts made of steel, aluminum, nickel silver etc. for optical tools

Gold/aluminum coating also possible for prototypes

Qualification of the components by means of the latest measuring technology

Production of prototypes by injection molding

If sample parts are to be manufactured in large quantities and made available for further evaluation in the subsequent series material, prototype production using the injection molding process makes sense. This offers the advantage of being able to consider various process influences under series production conditions in order to be able to better estimate the achievable tolerances before series production begins. When constructing the prototype tools, material and manufacturing alternatives are used which allow a significant price advantage compared to the later series tool. In addition, under certain conditions, sample parts can be manufactured by inserting individual tool inserts into an existing master tool. The optical surfaces are created in each case by mold inserts which are manufactured from aluminum or steel, for example, by means of ultra-precision machining.

  • Design validation with near-series prototypes made from original material
  • Cost advantage over UP-produced prototypes for high volumes
  • Tolerance analysis under series production conditions possible
viaoptic - injection molding machine

Possibilities and solutions

  • Reflectors
  • Lenses
  • Spherical and aspherical surfaces
  • Freeform surfaces
  • Microstructures

Equipment and machinery

  • CNC-controlled turning, milling and drilling
  • State-of-the-art 5-axis HSC machining
  • Ultra-precision machines for workpieces up to 650 mm in diameter
  • Modern ultrasonic technology for machining of certain steels
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