Light-weight, robust, freely formable and future-oriented. We offer sophisticated molded optics for various applications and products. We tailor our range of products and services to the needs of our customers. Potentially, we can provide everything from a single component to the finished product. Set us a challenge so that we can shape the future together! 


LED Illumination Opitc

freeform lens


Miniature Lens

aspheric lens array


IR Sensor Optic

aspheric twin lens


Optic for Motion Sensor

fresnel lens array


Presence Detector Optic

micro lenses


Secundary Lens for
Automotive LED Head Lamp

thick-walled aspheric lens


Sensor Optic

fresnel lens


9-fold Illumination Optic

freeform lens array


Sensor Optic

spheric lens


Micro Optic

aspheric lens


Sensoric Optic

2-color optic, fresnel lens


LED Daytime Running Light

light guide



light guide, 2-color


High Integrated Optic

six optically functional surfaces

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